Close To Home — The Film

Four lives converge throughout this interlocking story of unsuspecting individuals thrust into the world of sex trafficking after the brutal attack of a young girl causes a series of events to unfold throughout the U.S within two weeks. Lincoln, a suspended detective grieving from an incident in his past, rescues the young girl left for dead which sends him on a personal mission to solve her case while forcing him to confront his own demons. Meanwhile Emma, a 13 year-old girl from a struggling middle class family in Ohio, is trying to overcome the pressures of fitting in at school; Aiesha, an underprivileged teen from Atlanta is overwrought with responsibility and loses her job despite increasing debt; and Megan, a debutante, is enjoying her blissfully reckless life, experimenting with drugs and alcohol.


“Not the actual film or clips from the film-Solely Promotional/Conceptual


Artists United for Social Justice is seeking to raise $500,000 in donations to help fulfill the completion of the film and achieve the goals of the The I Stop Traffic Awareness campaign. For a full detailed budget and overview of the film and campaign  please email


Close To Home will be filmed with a raw, realistic, edgy style similar to films such as Crash and Monster.


The story will not be forced or didactic, nor is it a lecture piece, rather it honestly portrays real life situations as a way to engage the audience with occurrences easy to identify with.


All 4 main characters and the supporting characters have integrated storylines that tie-in for a climactic end.


Each main character will be shot with a varying style that is intrinsic to their personal story.


The violent and intense sexual nature of sex trafficking will be conveyed in a classic way of horror storytelling, where less is seen but more is heard. Leaving much to the imagination of the viewer.


There will be two versions of the film edited pending the type of distribution. A PG-13 and an R-rated version for purposes of determining the appropriate demographic.


Unlike many other films on the issue, Close To Home, is a fast-paced drama, filled with action and suspense.