I Stop Traffic Campaign

The goal of the 2019 I Stop Traffic Awareness Campaign is to:

INCREASE AWARENESS about child trafficking and child exploitation of American children by creating and distributing cause related multi-media. The IST campaign uses that awareness to support our partnering organization’s initiatives to prevent, rehabilitate, and support victims.

  • PHASE 1:   Awareness & Prevention 
  • PHASE 2:  Non-profit support & Rehabilitation 
  • PHASE 3:  Ending the Demand  

Your donations will help us:

1. Spread awareness & educate vulnerable populations by creating a feature length film CLOSE TO HOME on the issue domestically.
2. Create a website to source information, success stories, support groups nationally, updated news stories, action campaigns, general public submitted multi-media , etc
3. Promote and support local organizations/NGOs that are directly involved in anti-trafficking.
4. Create youth oriented preventative curriculums around trafficking issues, peer to peer mentoring, “End-Demand” workshops for young boys.
5. Generate press to garner national attention for the issue.
6. Lobby for tougher fines and penalties for traffickers and the johns.
7. Align national celebrity & recognizable figures to the cause for wider spread awareness.

I Stop Traffic Campaign 2005-present

1. Created two award-winning films, Svetlanas Journey and Cargo: Innocence Lost on the issue of sex trafficking.
2 Taken part in campaigns to fund shelters and orphanages around the world.
3. Created a three-disc human trafficking educational DVD series used by law enforcement, non-profit organizations, and universities around the world.
4. Created five public service announcements with Ashley Judd for distribution virally.
5. Hosted and/or sponsored more than 40 screenings, Q&A panel discussions, and conferences globally.
6. Transported medical supplies to victims of the earthquake in Haiti and to sex trafficking victims in Thailand.
7. Appeared on national media outlets such as: CNN, World News w/ Charles Gibson, The Tyra Banks show, ABC news reaching millions of people around the world about the cause.
8. Created The Agent of Change Awards to recognize the efforts of activists in the anti-trafficking movement.